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Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass


Artificial grass turf is produced by the principle of bionics, the lawn of the omnidirectional, hardness, level off, without concave and convex, high safety coefficient, conducive to fair competition, let users there is no big difference of activity with natural grass, flexibility is good, the foot feels comfortable.


Artificial grass wall have pass the UV resistance test repot in grass industry . Artificial grass wall can used in all weather,evergreen advantage,environmental protection. Our regular usge time is 5 years,more strong durability .


Rain is not afraid, water will slowly ooze out flow away,no residual water. Long Service life and low maintenance cost.


Environmental protection: all the materials are in accordance with environmental protection requirements, anti-corrosion, sun protection, environmental protection, pollution-free, the artificial lawn layer can be recycled and reused



Artificial grass

Landscape synthetic grass is a artificial grass that looks like natural grass, being used in garden,office and schools for landscape that were carried out on pastures. The reason why landscape synthetic grass is widely used is due to its main advantage: can still keep green ,stand all the time and do not need to be trimmed or irrigated under high-intensity use,give you a feeling of spring.



Grass height





School,amusement park,garden,yard,public places etc.

Package Type

Rolled up with paper tube inside;Covered with PP cloth and plastic caps

UV Resistance


Advantages of Artificial Grass:

①No watering – ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas.

②Better for the environment – no need for pesticides and mowing.

③Durability with visual appeal – ideal for effective, low maintenance landscaping and play areas.

④All year round green – aesthetically pleasing to the eye no matter what time of year.


Landscape artificial grass package: Internal is paper tube and outter is Wrapping Film and woven bags, then transported to port.


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